Do you need to dress your dog?

How much is that coat in the window?

These days in the pet shop and even at clothes shops or your local supermarket, you will find an array of different outfits that you can dress your dog. Of course, it is not always necessary to dress up your dog or even pop a dog coat on them. But dogs do benefit from having a jumper or a dog coat when the weather turns colder.



Let’s play dress up!

Some dog coats or jumpers that you can purchase are purely for dress-up reasons, which are fun and colourful and make you smile. For example, you can get Christmas outfits and dress your little pup up as a Santa or even as Rudolph, the red nose reindeer. At Easter time, you can dress them up as the Easter Bunny. Even at Halloween, you can find a spooky spider outfit and turn your dogs four legs into an eight-legged creature.



But the most beneficial coat you can get for your dog is in the colder weather when they will feel chillier as the weather turns colder and wetter. When you buy a coat for your dog, look for one that is waterproof and will wash easily.  Make sure you measure your dog to get the right size. Most brands tell you which part to measure, and this can be fun in itself!  Purchase one that you can pop on the radiator to dry quickly in between walks. Having a coat on your dog will save you time as well as keep them warm. The better coats will prevent your dog from getting dirty because they will cover the dog in the essential places that usually get wet or covered in mud.

The range of colours that you can purchase coats in is enormous, so make sure you choose one that will go with your dog and their fur. You can even get light-reflective ones for when walking your dog in the dark evenings or early mornings.  They are easy to put on and don’t require any experience, so the whole family can use them and pop the coat on your pet whenever they walk them.



A winter dog coat is not an essential purchase for your dog, but your dog will thank you for purchasing a winter coat for them and make their walks even happier being snuggly and warm as they discover the world around them.

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