Do you buy Christmas presents for your dog?

  Does your pup have a present under the tree?

Christmas is nearly here, and as we begin to prepare for the festive season and start our Christmas shopping, do you make sure your dog has a present under the tree?  In our house, buying Christmas presents for George, I know our miniature wirehaired dachshund is as essential as buying for any family member.  Now the children are all teenagers, he is the baby of the family and as such.  And therefore gets spoilt, we all get so excited for him to open his presents on Christmas morning.  Mind you, they don’t always make it that far; he adores opening presents, ripping off the wrapping paper and finding the gift inside.  he almost doesn’t care what is in the actual gift; he likes the game of getting all the paper off. He gets so excited and crazed with enthusiasm that we must not let him near the presents under the tree. So George has to have someone supervise him. Otherwise, he would open them all before the big day.

The best present to buy?

Regarding what he likes to receive as a gift, his favourite thing is a toy with a squeak in it.  He is particularly fond of the long toys, which have several squeaks in, so he can then keep going along it and squeaking all the way!  A ball is always a popular choice and great for taking on that after Christmas lunch walks with the family.  We all enjoy it and take George, usually dressed with tinsel around his collar, to the park and play ball with him.  It has become a family tradition and is the same for many people with dogs, as the park is often busy on a Christmas Day afternoon.  It is lovely seeing everyone so happy together and children trying out their new toys or bikes for the first time.  We also love getting Geo0rge some special treats on the big day, so he doesn’t feel left out.  A unique bone or packet of his favourite doggie biscuits always goes down well.



Dogs with no home on Christmas

It is always nice to think and help those dogs who are not quite as lucky on Christmas and do not have a family to enjoy it with and care for them. So I always like to donate to a dog charity to help those dogs in need and make their lives easier.  So if you can, I highly recommend doing the same. Even a couple of pounds does help out to these charities.


Let me know what you do for your dog at Christmas; I would love to get ideas!

Take Care, Claire and George x



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