Can Extendable Dog Leads Be Dangerous?

Traditional or extendable lead

George has a traditional lead, it works well for us, and he likes it.  When owning a dog, you have a choice of leads to choose from when it comes to walking your dog.  The main two types are the traditional lead or the extendable lead.  Extendable dog leads are a great help when walking your dog. They give you the ability to keep your dog closer to you or go off a bit but is still attached to you at all times, but they come with their own set of problems too. There are many dangers that an extendable lead can create, but there are also pros that make them worth it.

There are pros to using an extendable lead.  This type of lead is beneficial in keeping your dog close to you when walking them, which prevents accidents from happening. This is especially true for larger dogs who may not respond well when they get loose and scare people in the area. Extendable leads also allow for more control over your pet when teaching them commands or using training equipment like a muzzle or noose pole. They can also be helpful for owners with disabilities and those who need assistance. Finally, they can help your dog have a larger area to explore whilst still being under your control.

Extendable dog leads are great for when you have to control your dog in crowded areas or when your dog is being stubborn and not following your commands. They are also perfect for when you have to walk two dogs at the same time.

Choosing what type

There are various types of extendable leads on the market, so it may be unclear to choose which one is the best one for you.  Always make sure you get advice from an expert on what type of extendable lead you need for your breed and the dog’s size.  Too small or not strong enough extendable lead, and you could be in real trouble when out and about.

Whichever type of lead you choose for your dog, they will be happy because it means walkies for them!

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