Dogs and Mental Health

Owning a dog is a joyous thing, even though it can sometimes be hard work, and it can take time to look after and train a dog. Nevertheless, it can be a worthwhile journey, especially if somebody in your household suffers from poor mental health.


Mental Health and Covid-19


It is becoming increasingly apparent that mental health issues are getting ever so more widespread in today’s society. Even in children, the rates of youngsters being registered with mental health issues has increased. Services can not cope with the number of people seeking help.  Especially with COVID-19 and the global pandemic, many people have been suffering from their mental health more. Because of this, many people have gone down the route of owning a pet, especially dogs. They are more popular now than ever, and the price to purchase one has gone through the roof.



Rescue Ownership

One of the best ways to get to own a new dog is to go to a rescue home/shelter and rescue one of the poor dogs that have been placed there.  They will love you forever, and thank you for providing them with a new loving home.


Studies have shown that owning a pet and a dog, in particular, can really improve your mental health. Dogs have a calming effect and can really help somebody who is suffering from their mental state. They are always there for you by your side. I will never let you down. They care for you and try to make sure that your happiness is what it should be. They are there to listen and don’t answer back.  Providing a dog with care and love can also be a distraction for somebody who is suffering. The companionship a dog creates is second to none, and everyone who owns a dog will tell you there is nothing nicer than being greeted with a waggly tail and a doggy grin.

Additional Benefit


Another benefit includes taking a dog out for a walk and getting some fresh air and a change of scene.  These actions can have a massive effect on how you’re feeling. In addition, taking exercise increases the endomorphin in the brain.  Which helps the brain and positively impacts how you are feeling.


So having a dog has many benefits, especially for our mental health.  A dog or pet can help people with mental health issues and how they can be a significant part of their recovery.

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