Where does your dog sleep?

 Are they a kennel babe or a snuggle bed babe?

Where does your dog sleep in the house? Does he sleep at the end of your bed, or does he sleep downstairs? Many dogs like to sleep in a cage, making them feel safe and secure, continuing from their puppy training days. However, our dog George, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, likes to sleep in his bed downstairs in the kitchen. He would want to sleep next to the radiator in the kitchen, but we have his bed located in a cooler position.  He adores being in a pleasantly warm environment if it is up to him, he’d be on top of the fire or radiator; we once had an agar, and he never left its side 🙂  But it’s not always wise to let dogs get too warm as it can have a negative effect on their health and skin, especially when it comes to where they sleep at night.




Some owners love to have their dogs on the bed and sleep with them all night long, which is an excellent option if it works for you. However, I don’t think that would work for us as George would be too fidgety and disturbing during the night.  Even if we had him up for one night, he would think that was the way to do things and never want to go back into his bed again.

George has his bed, a lovely, fur-lined, cosy affair that he loves to snuggle down into with his two blankets. We often come down in the morning and find him snuggled in his bed or wrapped up in his blankets. You can’t even see him. You wouldn’t even know he was in there if you hadn’t put him to bed the night before. On the other hand, some dogs prefer to be outside in a kennel. They like to sleep in the fresh air where it’s more relaxed, and they have their own space. You have to work out what is best for you and your dog when considering where to sleep.


Types of Bed

Most pet shops have great beds available from the traditional hard plastic beds. You can put a blanket into it to make it more cosy and comfortable. In addition, there are fur-lined beds with orthopaedic mattresses. Whatever you choose, you will find all sorts of dog beds available for all budgets.


A dog needs somewhere comfy and secure to sleep in, and then you will have a happy dog.

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